The Goblin in the Grass: And Other Scary Tales

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Weed Your Garden Day
National Weed Your Garden Day is observed on June 13. Will you find anything like Lisa did in your garden today? We hope not!

Having grown up watching her dad tend their lawn, Lisa has always wondered: Where does the poison in weed killer go after the weeds die? When Lisa has a dream one night about a monster that lives below their yard, she doesn't think anything of it, until she goes outside and sees a grass goblin and plants with teeth and horrible, gleaming eyes. Is Lisa doomed forever or will she stop the yard madness? Read this collection of scary stories to find out what happens to Lisa and many others.

Author Dahl, Michael
Illustrator Bonet, Xavier
Pages 72 pages
Genre Fiction
Reading level 2-3
Interest level 1-3